Our Vision & Mission

"The New Way to success."

A famous adage advocates as follows: "The future of a country is made or unmade in its classrooms"... One cannot undermine the importance of classroom teaching vis-a-vis other activities but they definitely have a very important role to play. The 'primary' objective is to impart high-quality academic tutoring so that the pupils may perform well in academics and the secondary and tertiary aims are to involve the children in various games and other co-curricular activities.


To encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. To be a learning mode all their lives. With knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make the world a better place than they found it.


To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers to guide children with means to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to school surroundings which would nudge the child to grow into full bloom.


A.N.M. International School has been established by Sh. Arun Nayar President A.N.M eduational society Tahliwal in the sweet and everlasting memories of his elder brother Ashok Nayar who was Gem of the family. He was a man of vision and masses. He was first elected chairman of Municipal council Nangal. Shivalik Public School and Shivalik College in Nangal florished under his great Leadership. View More

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