Recomendatations to Parents


Parents and teachers are the role model for child of today while the teachers impart educations in the school it is the parents who play a very supporting role in guiding the child at home by inculcating a sense of obedience, respect for the teachers, parents and elders. It is therefore important that there is regular interaction and co-operation between the teacher and parents so that they both give a proper sense of direction to the child.


  • The child is punctual.
  • The child attends school in proper uniform
  • The child does his home-work regularly.
  • All school dues are paid in time.
  • The child is picked up from the school only when it gets over as this is important for security reasons.

While all possible care and precaution is taken to look after the safety of the child. The school cannotbe held responsible for any mishap beyond its control or outside school premises.

Parents will not be permitted to meet their child during school hours unless it is an emergency. Prior permission of the Principal is a must.

Students / Teachers are not ordinarily called to the phone unless it is urgent, messages may be left with the office and the same will be forwarded to the person concerned.

Parents are welcome to discuss their problems with the Principal / Committee members on the days and time specified in the annual planner/calendar/as conveyed.

Student can be removed by the school on any of the following grounds:-

  • Absence from school for 30 days without any intimation.
  • Behavior problem.
  • Non-payment of fees.
  • Non submission of transfer certificate and Date of birth certificate.

The Principal or other competent authority of the school may penalize the student for acts of indiscipline or willful damage to school property including books equipment and any other articles issued to the student.

The right for the final interpretation of the rules and regulations contained in the prospectus lies with the school authorities. The management reserves the right to add, delete or change any or all conditions and information contained in this prospectus without any notice.